The WA Government

has started deploying baited drumline hooks off WA’s popular beaches, and is hunting and killing sharks off WA’s coast.

Say NO and help stop!

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The Government of Western Australia has installed baited drum line hooks off WA’s popular beaches, and plans to hunt and kill large sharks off our coast.

The drum lines have already seen the targeting of large sharks of breeding age, thus setting back the recovery of vulnerable species that are meant to be protected under state, federal and international laws.

They have also catch and injure dozens of harmless species including rays and numerous small sharks that are of no possible threat to humans.

There is no evidence that this policy will make people safer. In fact, drum lines may even attract large sharks closer to ocean recreation areas used by people.

Even after a spate of recent incidents, the risk of a fatal shark attack in WA remains statistically very low: in 2012-13 one person died from a shark attack, compared to 17 from coastal drownings.

Help us stop this senseless, expensive and dangerous policy.
Pleas join us and say NO to the shark cull in WA.



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Photo thanks to Klaus Jost.